11 August, 2009

Such is life; I'm still alive anyway

Yes, I'm still alive.

It's been months since the last time I blogged here; though I've being blogging else where. like on My own domain name blog; http://www.ahmadmukoshy.com

I was thinking of margin this blog and the one on my domain.

However, what do I do to existing topics; discussions? I could export them, but they may not fit in to my domain blog. So, I'd rather blog once in a while.

A new site I'd like to share with you; that I figured out is http://www.friendfeed.com - Another interesting and advanced twitter like site recently acquired by Facebook. Yeah FACEBOOK!

Check it out http://www.friendfeed.com

31 October, 2008

My Exams has Started


I just spare this time to write something on this my stagnant blog.

Actually, I am writing my end of semester exams. I've already written 3 remaining 4, and one will be exactly 9am tomorrow. So, I guess you should know the kind of situation I am into now!

So... As usually, don't forget me in your prayers.

20 August, 2008

I lost my DATA! My HDD Crashed.

Horrible, Very Terrific!

This week, when I was working on my PC a friend of mine busted in and wanted me to comfort him to a nearby grocery store. So, I left my computer on since I knew I wasn't gonna stay long.

When I came back, I realized that my computer was just rebooting. I can't even say why?

Then the second thing I saw was that the system was also rebooting again! - So, I had to take note of every fragment of flash on the screen before I finally found out that it was actually displaying the Blue Screen (Corrputed Win) before it restarts.

It took me some time to think of what to do next when I later decided to use my copy of Windows CD to repair the computer. I tried system repair but what I got was that my HARD DRIVE has crashed and there's no alternative than to format it!

This thing still puzzles my head... I don't even know what to do!

Due to this, I have now disconnected the computer, compiled it up in a package and took it to the store until an un-appointed time when I find solution to my missing files.

Thus, I am still looking for a solution. However, I found one which I have not yet tested.

That is: I should find Ubuntu Linux OS and Install it on the DRIVE and then restore my files into another HardDrive. Though it all depends on "if the drive will take the Linux without requesting for formatting".

Well.. I am now only using my Laptop Computer waiting for the day when I will recover my Desktop.

15 April, 2008

An Interesting Image I got

Guess What? I recieved an email from a friend, a relative of sort studying at lancaster in UK.
This was the content:

" Please endeavour to protect your properties/belongings even if it means going an extra mile. Cos once you miss it, you no go see am again."

Isn't it extra funny? To an extent you need to padlock your sleepers to protect yourself against theft? Yet, the lock is more expensive than the pair of sleepr itself. I laughed, laughed until I almost fell down; It was very funny to me... I like funny mails! & the good thing is I often recieve joke messeges from him.

If you have good jokes too; I beg, send them to my email: rufaai{+}gmail.com! That's the only way I do recieve jokes.


23 March, 2008

What keeps me away from Blogger

My Blog Readers...

You can see it has been long since I write a letter on my blog, I have been busy and I also admit been neglagible to my blog.

What actually keeps me off is both School & Work as well. As usual, I like giving out interesting websites with interesting stuffs... Thats the theme of this blog!

Do you know about IMVU? Its an interesting community website that you can chat with friends, create avatar and just express you self even better than the normal Yahoo Avatars.

Try it, Click Here to go to IMVU.COM

Its very intresting, I really like it...